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weekly critter, October 2, 2020

October 02, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

It's October.  Where did the summer go?  Oh yea, sitting in the house since I couldn't go anywhere.  I haven't done much this week but try and enjoy the cool weather in spite of the bugs.


I have two photos of a petunia picked from Linda's garden for you this week.  Actually, the color should be much more blue than red.  I tried to fix the color and got close to the actual color of the flower but then the background looked terrible.  Serves me right for taking photos inside and forgetting to compensate for the color of the inside light.  I was paying to much attention to a feature I discovered on the new camera.  If you look at the photos take notice of how the flowers are completely in focus.  There is a technique called focus stacking where you take multiple photos with each photo focused on a different part of an object.  Then the photos are stacked in photo editing software.  I used to have to change the focus point manually, which can take hours, but the camera will do this automatically changing the focus point about 1-2mm for each exposure.  So instead of hours I focus on the closest point and press the shutter button.  In less than a minute I have lots of photos to stack.  Each of these photos is a stack of 40-50 photos.







weekly critter, September 25, 2020

October 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A special thanks to David, Brian and Julian for donating to the Great Cycling Challenge to help kick children's cancer in the butt.  Well done.

I finally decided to try stone carving again.  I purchased a nice 25 pound piece of agata alabaster and plan to carve a breaking wave.  Unlike wood carving if my tremors get the best of me I'll probably just bash a finger with the mallet rather than cutting it off with a sharp gouge.  Anyway, that's the plan.  I miss the art supply store in Athens that carried stone.  The shipping on the stone cost almost as much as the stone.

I was planning on having some non-bird photos like flowers or spiders this week but the only new things around here are mushrooms.  I like photographing mushrooms but if step out the door I'm in a cloud of mosquitoes from all the rain we've had.  Even the clip-on mosquito repellent doesn't help.  The two photos are of a titmouse and a chickadee.



tufted titmouse_30044tufted titmouse_30044


weekly critter, September 18, 2020

September 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

How quickly time passes when you're stuck at home because of covid...not.  I would really like to take a nice long trip someplace, anyplace, just away from here.

I want to give a big 'shout out' and thanks to Babs, Patrick and Missy for their generous donations to help fight children's cancer.  You rock.

I have three photos for you today of things that will quickly be leaving for greener pastures.  The first is me sporting my mountain man look.  Linda hates the long beard so I bought her some clippers.  Now all I have to do is get her and the clippers outside and my beard will mostly go away.  This photo was taken with a trail camera strapped to a post on the deck.

The next two photos are of a ruby throated hummingbird.  I think it's a female but the gray squares on the neck might indicate it's a juvenile male.  They usually head south in October.  I'm not sure why these photos look soft because the originals are razor sharp.

stay safe and enjoy


Dan 2020-09Dan 2020-09

rthb_30063rthb_30063 rthb_30066rthb_30066

weekly critter, September 3, 2020

September 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I figured after four months it was time to crank up the critter again.  In my own defense, Linda and I have both been fighting severe health issues for several months.  I finally have a diagnosis (I think) as to what's exacerbating my heart condition. I have a rare disease called amyloidosis.   Fortunately, there is now medication which will stop the amyloid protein from being deposited  in my heart.  It won't make me better but it'll stop the disease from getting worse.  At least I won't have to undergo chemo.

I finally bought a new camera.  It's canon's newest camera the R5.  The R stands for ridiculously expensive but after eight years with the 5d3 I needed (wanted) an upgrade.  So I've moved from a DSLR to a mirrorless system.  Two things that finally pushed me over the edge were the articulating screen (nothing new) and the new autofocus systems.  The screen will allow me to do macro again since I don't have to bend into strange positions or get on the ground.  The autofocus systems are so advanced they have eye detection for humans and animals.  For example, if Phoebe is chasing a ball across the park the camera will focus on her eye and as long as I keep her in the view finder her eye will remain in focus.  I can't wait to try it on birds in flight.

I have three photos for you today.  The second photo is a crop (top left) of the first.  The photo was taken with the M50 I purchased a year ago.  I just considered it a 'point and shoot' that I took on trike rides but people on a photography forum were claiming it is the best crop (small) sensor camera on the market. So I bought an adapter to be able to put my 'pro level' lenses on it and all I can say is WOW.   Can you spot the aphid in the second photo.  I hope it's visible in the email.  It's just on the edge of the lower petal.

The third photo is of Phoebe taken with the R5.  While not a great photo it does show me the camera's capability and I get to show you how big she's grown.  I enlarged the photo enough so I could 'pixel peak' and at a 400% increase in size I still couldn't see any noise.  I can't wait to get an adapter so I can use my other lenses and not just a landscape lens.



obident plantobident plant

obident plant-bugobident plant-bug

phoebe 2020-09phoebe 2020-09


weekly critter, May 5, 2020

May 13, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

We recently lost a man I truly respected.  He was 103 and died in his sleep.  Goodby Leo.  Linda and I plan to make a contribution to 'The great Cycling Challenge' to help fight kid's cancer in Leo's name.

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy.  The only places I've been are doctors offices and hospitals to visit the vampire.  I think I have to go two more times this month.  It's not something I enjoy.

Phoebe is calming down just a tiny bit unless she sees a cat then she goes nuts.  She doesn't want to hurt them but plays way to aggressive. I've mentioned this before but don't understand it. There were lots of cats at the breeders and she didn't mess with them at all.  If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears.

I have two photos of an Clivia Linda has blooming.  It's beautiful but a bit odoriferous.  These photos are straight from the camera with no post processing except for being cropped.  I still haven't found any photo processing software I like.  Next I think I'll try the free trial of Affinity Software.  I haven't tried it yet because it looks to much like photoshop, which I hate.





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