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I'm not sure where all my time goes but it sure seems to disappear quickly. I did get in a trike ride yesterday.  It was one of those good...not so good rides.  As I leave the Buckhead fire station there is a small hill in a curve which can hide a vehicle on either side so I take the lane (ride down the middle of my lane instead of to the right) so vehicles won't try to pass me.  Well I got to the top of the hill with a car following me.  She decides to pass me which would have been OK except there was an SUV in the other lane about 75 feet away.  I have no clue what she thought she was doing.  But as I keep pointing out to Linda there's the operative word..think.  Both vehicle slam on their brakes and stop with about two feet to spare.  So I'm screaming at this woman the other driver is screaming at her too so she just sits there.  Finally she has to back up to get into the correct lane behind me. 


The intersection I'm approaching is a cross street with a three way stop because my approach crosses the railroad and I have the right of way.  Before I get to the railroad  I have to pull slightly over and stop.  Well, I had stopped because there was a fire truck with lights flashing and sirens wailing coming through town.  Sure enough the truck tuns right over the tracks to the street I was on.  You guessed it.  The woman picks that moment to try and pass me and almost runs head on into the fire trunk.   Fortunately, I realized what was happening and did an 'exit stage right' into a small parking area so the truck could pass the $^&@#%@# woman in my lane.  All this in less than 300 feet.  I was never in any real danger.  How that woman hasn't won a Darwin Award yet is a mystery to me.  I just hope she hasn't procreated and never will.  Ah, where's a deputy when you need one.


The nice thing that happened is that while I had pulled off the road to fix a minor problem a woman driving a pickup stopped and asked me if I was alright.   I assured her I was fine and thanked her for stopping.  She smiled and said that since I waved to her every time we passed that she felt she needed to make sure I was alright.  Nice.   I wave to everyone.  It helps to make sure that they see me.


I have two photos for you today. The first is of an unnamed lily.  The second is of an old falling down house on my 24 mile loop.






buckhead 1154buckhead 1154


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