weekly critter, December 6, 2019

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Do you believe we're already into December.  Where did October and November go?  I know I didn't get the critter out yesterday but it was such a beautiful day I decided to do a few things outside and then go for a nice long trike ride.


I had a wild hair on Wednesday and ordered a xbox x one game console at a very good price.  Now everyone can feel safe while I eliminate all those nasty monsters, zombies and nazis.  The xbox arrived this morning and it was obvious the box had been opened.  Since there are several scams currently going on like someone orders the unit, registers it, then doesn't like it and sends it back.  The warranty starts when it's registered so you could loose several months of warranty.  Most of the units come with codes so you can download games.  The other scam is people (criminals) order the unit, use the codes then send the unit back.  Therefore, if someone else buys the unit they won't get the games they paid for.  I do hate a thief.  Anyway, I called microsoft and had them check the numbers and they all looked good to go so I'm going to give it a try.   I don't think I'll be downloading any games.  The latest star wars game is 80 gigabytes.  At my max download speed that would take about 30 hours.  At my normal download speed it would take 12 days.  Ouch.


I have two photos today.  The first was taken on my trike ride while I was heading east out of Rutledge on Dixie Hwy.  Since the house finches have returned around here I decided to celebrate and post a photo of one.






house finch_22101house finch_22101


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