weekly critter, November 14, 2019

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I keep saying there's no free drug.  I had an ultra sound last month and my cardiologist said things were looking better (great news) but that she wanted me to double a medication.  I reminded her how well doubling the dose went last year...not.  I agreed to try increasing it by 1/2.  She said to try it for at least 10 days to see if the bad symptoms went away.   After five days I was so disoriented I couldn't drive and after ten days I was having trouble getting out of the chair.  It's been another 10 days since I stopped taking the medication and I'm still not back to normal.  Oh well.


Phoebe is growing like a weed and can now jump up on the couch.  Great.  Something else she's going to have to learn not to do.  Last critter I said a cardboard tube was her favorite chew toy.  I was wrong, it's me.  She took full advantage of me not being quite with it last week and my fore arms look like hamburger.  She definitely has sharp little teeth.  Phoebe doesn't bite me, she likes to get her mouth around my arm and gently hold it.  In my addled state I would instinctively jerk away.  Ouch, damage done. 


While I was sitting here working on the critter I realized I hadn't see the puppy for a while and went looking.  Guess what, she's discovered toilet paper.  Just another door we'll have to keep closed.


I have two photos today.  The first one was taken at a winery.  I usually do better at creating B&W photos but had to do this one in LR since I just discovered that my B&W software no longer works and the company wants me to spend $149.00 on the new version.  That's not going to happen.  The second photo is of a tree that I thought was cool looking.










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