weekly critter, October 10, 2019

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It's been a weird couple of weeks.   I'm calling it the crazy, the bad and the good.  The crazy - My doctor prescribed a new drug for my tremor.  I was supposed the take 1/2 tab at night for two weeks until I got used to the drug.  Well, after five days I was becoming more and more confused.  On the morning of the sixth day I found myself at the bathroom door trying to figure out how to open it. No more tremor drugs for me.


The bad - Our heat pump died.  We've spent about $500 over two months trying to repair it.   No more.  It's time for a new heat pump even though it's only 13 years old.  It's a trane.  I will never again own a trane product.  If you have 4 or 5 hours to spare I'll tell you why.   The next bad - If you're going to have someone come and give you heat pump quotes make sure you're sitting down.  I wanted a 18 to 20 seer variable speed compressor.  The Lennox with a cash discount and a rebate is almost $15,000.  The Daikin is over $1,000 more.  The carrier person hasn't even bothered to call us back for an appointment.  I guess business is to good to bother.  We'll get a quote from Bryant next week.  Talk about sticker shock.


The good - I'm now off all of my diabetes medication.  My diet is about the same so I'm going to say it's because of all the exercise I get on my recumbent trike.


Linda has a new hybrid orchid blooming called windward flare.  She likes the smell but I think it stinks.  Anyway, attached are two photos of the windward flare.





windward flare_25621windward flare_25621

windward flare_25624windward flare_25624


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