Daniel Thoman Photography | weekly critter, July 12, 2018

weekly critter, July 12, 2018

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I was out at the observatory on Monday doing what I usually do.  Cutting grass.  I cut it before teaching at the folk school so in less than two weeks it had grown about two feet.  Four hours in 95 degree heat and I was whooped.  To whooped to even do much observing on the first clear night in months.  I think I'm going to start going out for observing then cut the grass the next day (duh).


I think I'm going to be back in the cycling world by this weekend.  Linda got tired of me moaning every time I walked through the garage and looked at my bicycle.  So last week we went to a bicycle shop in Augusta and looked at recumbent trikes.  Why a recumbent trike?  Easy, it's much more difficult to fall off a tricycle than a bicycle.  After a week of trying to get over 'sticker shock' I finally ordered a Catrike Villager.  Linda wanted me to get an electric pedal assist trike in case I started having some problems while out riding but I felt I was still to macho for a pedal assist.  We'll see how it goes (she's probably right, as usual). 


I have two photos this week.  The first is of some pretty shoals near Leatherwood falls in North Carolina.  The second photo is a B&W conversion of an approaching storm at the John C Campbell Folk School.





leatherwood falls-jccfs_25226leatherwood falls-jccfs_25226



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