Daniel Thoman Photography | weekly critter, May 24, 2018

weekly critter, May 24, 2018

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I'm really getting tired of all this rain.  The only thing I've done at the observatory last month is have some 'tractor therapy' time and not to much of that.  I went out Monday to spread seed and hay.  Everything was to wet to do anything else.  Linda and I went out yesterday to finish up the hay spreading and plant some trees/bushes.   I showed Linda how to operate the tractor and I think she really enjoyed it.  We had just started to spread the last six bales of hay when it started to rain (surprise, surprise).  We decided to have lunch and wait it out.  The rain did stop and we started started back at it.  It only took about 10 minutes for it to start pouring.  Since it wasn't thundering we decided to finish.  An hour later we were soaking wet, half covered with hay and the other half covered with mud.  What fun, it was like being a kid again.  Wet and dirty.  It reminded us of a few camping trips.  We sat down for a few minutes and watched the rain then toweled off and drove home.


The two photos I have for you today are of Linda driving the tractor.  The big building in the background is what Linda refers to as the "walmart distribution center" and is the reason we're planting trees and bushes.





\ linda tractor 2linda tractor 2

linda tractor 5linda tractor 5


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