Daniel Thoman Photography | weekly critter, April 14, 2018

weekly critter, April 14, 2018

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How did it get to be Saturday already?  As far as plumbing goes one problem is an irritation,  two problems make you angry and by the time you have three or four problems all you can do is laugh.  Of course, a couple of gin and tonics helped my disposition.  I was going to just replace the damaged drain hose but Linda wanted all the hoses replaced since I already had the dishwasher pulled out.  I said that would cost a lot of money, that I was not interested in spending two days taking a dishwasher apart and it would be much easier to buy a new appliance.  She said OK...Sneaky girl.  Now we have a new dishwasher which is OK since I think the old one was 16 years old. 


We had our annual zombie party at the deerlick astronomy village the 12th through the 14th.  It's named for how the people look after three long nights of observing.  It was kind of a bust this year.  Thursday night started well but the skies turned turbulent and the once pinpoint stars looked like a light through churning water.  Friday and Saturday were cloudy.  Oh well, that's how it goes with astronomy.  Before the atmosphere got all soupy I did get to try my new eyepiece.  It's an Explore Scientific 82 degree 30mm eyepiece which provides 93x magnification.  The view was stunning.  I now have a new favorite eyepiece.


Friday wasn't a bust for me.  I got to play 'Tom Sawyer'.  A friend wanted to try out the tractor and by the time he left he had moved a large pile of dirt to Linda's 'bird blind' and raked a large area to make it flat.  He left with a big smile on his face.  Tractor therapy.  The first picture is of Mike on the tractor.  Yes, he was having fun.  My second photo is of a columbine, one of my favorite flowers.









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