Daniel Thoman Photography | weekly critter, September 10, 2017

weekly critter, September 10, 2017

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Just sitting here waiting for the big blow to start.  Actually, my driveway is green from all the leave blown out of the trees.  I hope all of my friends, especially those in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, have moved to high ground.  This storm could be nasty.


Animal dynamics are something to behold.  The cat loves the dog (really), the kitten wants to be friends with the cat but is leery of the dog and the dog just wants to be left alone.  However, at feeding time everything changes.  The cat wants the kitten food, the dog wants the cat food and the kitten wants everyone's food, including ours.  What a munch mouth.


I have three photos this week.  The first is of the sun.  I figured this was appropriate since we won't be seeing it for a while and there is some sunspot activity.  The second is of a Windward Flare orchid.  It will probably be blown to bits tomorrow.  The last is called 'life is good'.  A glass of wine and a kitten to play with.  What more could you want.


Please stay safe.




windward flare_24912windward flare_24912





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