Daniel Thoman Photography | weekly critter, June 15, 2014

weekly critter, June 15, 2014

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I'm not sure if this a late or very early critter.   Last week Linda and I went up to Vogel state park in north Georgia.  I'd forgotten how beautiful that area is. 

I've finally figured out what the R stands for in R-POD (the brand of our RV)....RAIN.   Monday was nice driving up with some rain late in the evening.  Tuesday morning was ok then it started to rain and didn't stop till Friday morning when we left.   We were both feeling kind of moldy by weeks end but I did get another three books read.  There were a few 'rainless' hours on Wednesday when we sneaked out and walked around Lake Trahlyta so I did get a few waterfall photos in the park but we didn't get to any of the other waterfalls in the area.  Maybe next time.

I have two photos for you today.  The first is of Lake Trahlyta and the second is of the waterfall at the discharge from the lake.  The lake photo is the only one I managed to get with 'good clouds' and they didn't last long, only a few minutes.  The rest of the the time it was just a dark gray, not idea conditions for photographing much of anything including the waterfall.




lake trahlyta vogel state park_20528-6-15-2014lake trahlyta vogel state park_20528-6-15-2014

trahlyta falls vogel state park_20515-6-15-2014trahlyta falls vogel state park_20515-6-15-2014


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