Daniel Thoman Photography | weekly critter, October 31, 2014

weekly critter, October 31, 2014

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Well, there I was, in the cemetery last Thursday with my solar telescope, computerized mount, tripod,camera, computer, tables, chairs, batteries and enough cables to bring a tear to any geek's eye.  I was ready for the solar eclipse.  The sky was clear, every thing was up and running and all I had to do was press a button and a photo would be taken each minute until the eclipse was over.  It was 6pm and I anxiously waited for 6:02pm when the eclipse started.   At 6:01pm I pressed the button and was up and running.  By 6:04pm the clouds had rolled in and I couldn't see a damn thing.  And so it goes.

On the lighter side, the kitchen is coming along nicely in spite of finding some 'cabinet sag' when I removed the molding.  We had to empty those cabinets so I could fix the problem and now we have 'stuff' all over the kitchen counters and the dining room table and floor (again).  Someday it will be over.

I have two photos for you today.  The first is another shot of Bald River falls in Tennessee.  This one is a view from the base of the falls.  I forgot to mention the beautiful pool about mid way down the falls in the previous photo (10-17-2014).  If I had been a few (meaning a lot) years younger I would have looked for a way to climb out there.  The second photo is of the sun.  I thought this one looked 'acceptable' considering I haven't really figured out what I'm doing yet.  The people I know that make amazing photos of the sun say I have to stop using my expensive camera and buy an inexpensive ($300) planetary camera and stack the photos.  I can stack 25MB files from my camera.  Why would 1MB photos from a 1/3 inch diagonal sensor give better results.  I don't get it.



bald river falls, TN_21103-10-31-2014bald river falls, TN_21103-10-31-2014




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