Daniel Thoman Photography | weekly critter, December 19, 2013

weekly critter, December 19, 2013

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Linda received her christmas gift early this year.  It included two loads of crush and run, four load of dirt, and two loads of gravel.  112,000 pounds in all.  Luckily we had guys with equipment to move most of it.  However, Donnie and I moved a large portion of the gravel by hand on Tuesday.  Talk about flat worn out and used up.  I usually know better than to over do it but I had help that day and wanted it finished.  What got finished was me.  I was in bed before 8p and didn't even make it to our homeowners association party.  I hate missing parties.

I think what put me over the top (or flat on my back) after moving and spreading the gravel on Tuesday was putting the 75 feet of railing back up along the edge of the driveway, which hopefully, will keep anyone (namely Linda) from backing over the edge.  We had used 2 by 4's for the cap but when we got end I was 5 feet short of 2x4.  So we decided to put on a 2x6 and rip it to 2x4.   Big mistake.  Donnie and I looked at the five feet of 2x6 and realized how much better it looked than the 70 feet of 2x4.  Damn.  So off comes 70 feet of 2x4 and on goes 70 feet of 2x6.  The only problem was that all my 2x6's were down by the dock and we had to drag them up the 'hill from hell'.  But, it's all done now, Linda is happy and I'm semi recovered thanks to modern medicine.  The anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer along with the hot tub did wonders.   Donnie always teases me about using screws when I build something rather than nails because screws are so much more expensive.   Now I think he's beginning to understand.

I have two photos for you today.  The first is of Mingo Falls in North Carolina.  It's a beautiful waterfall with easy access, if you don't mind straight up.  Actually, there's a nice, maintained path with stairs so it's not to bad.  The second is a pink glory orchid which Linda had blooming.

Have a happy and festive holiday and stay safe.




mingo falls nc_17868-12-19-2013mingo falls nc_17868-12-19-2013


pink glory orchid_18_9383-12-19-2013pink glory orchid_18_9383-12-19-2013


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