Daniel Thoman Photography | weekly critter, January 15, 2013

weekly critter, January 15, 2013

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I can't believe the weather we're having here.  Mid to upper 70's for the last week.  I love it.  It just makes me wonder how bad we're going to get slammed in Febu-awful.   Hopefully, it'll happen when we're visiting my brother in the Keys.  Can't wait for the sun, sand, fishing and a few beers.  Hopefully I'll have lots of good photos.

There's another birthday this week - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Linda.

I have a couple of waterfall photos for you this week.  Both were taken at Cloudland Canyon SP.  The second waterfall is only supposed to flow about once every ten years, after torrential rains.  We happened to be there at just the right time.  It stopped flowing before we left.




cloudland canyon sp_13415--1-15-2013


cloudland canyon sp_13416-1-15-2013


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