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weekly critter, August 16, 2018

August 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I wonder if we're ever going have cooler weather again.  I went out for a trike ride yesterday after lunch and it was 88 degrees.  By the time I finished two hours (and 11 miles) later it was 94.  I was wiped the rest of the afternoon.  I spent the other night at the observatory and was hoping to have some photos of the perseid meteor shower. But after several hours and lots of 30 second exposures I did not capture one meteor.  In fact I only saw a few meteors not the 100 per hour they were expecting.  Oh well. 


An interesting thing I did see and feel (and hope never to see again) was a gigantic insect bloom.  I walked off the driveway to set up the camera and something didn't feel right.  I turned on my flashlight and saw a cloud of insects about four feet thick extending out several hundred feet (I think).  Needless to say I exited the area quickly and set up inside the observatory.  Fortunately, only a few mosquitoes got me and I did have fun watching the bats swoop down and gorge themselves.  A couple of hours later they were mostly gone.


I have gone to the 'great' birds this week.  My first photo is of a great blue heron fishing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  The second photo is of a great crested flycatcher checking out our back yard.





great crested flycatcher_1525great crested flycatcher_1525

weekly critter, August 9, 2018

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I went for another 10+ mile ride yesterday afternoon in the miserable heat and humidity.  The only thing that made it bearable was about halfway into the ride a 'sweet young thing' slowed while going by me, rolled her window down and hollered 'looking good'.  Anyway, it made me smile.  I'm going to have start getting up early and go for a ride instead of in the afternoon. 


Don't forget the Perseid meteor shower will peak this weekend.  Get a comfortable chair, something to drink, look to the northeast and relax.


Most of y'all who commented on my high key landscape photo a few weeks ago said you liked the conversion.  So this week I took a photo from Spruce Creek Park near Daytona and did a low key and a high key conversion.  Let me know what you think.




lk-spruce creek park_20901lk-spruce creek park_20901

hk-spruce creek park _20901hk-spruce creek park _20901


weekly critter, August 4, 2018

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Yes, I'm late again with the critter.  I went to a 'meat and 3' for lunch on Thursday and even though they said no bell peppers were used in anything I took one bite of the green beans and knew I was in trouble.  I have a food allergy and cannot eat bell peppers.  Needless to say I had a miserable Thursday and Friday but at least I didn't end up in the hospital.  I just started feeling better this morning.


Speaking of this morning I did something I never thought I'd be able to do again.  I rode my trike 10 miles.  Woo-Hoo.  Now I'm heading for the couch.  Actually, Linda and I are going to a book signing this evening.  Our good friends the Wibell's daughter Katie (Katharine) has published two books.  We first met Katie and her sister Sara years ago when their parents brought them over for a wood turning lesson.  Now she's an award winning author.  How time flies.  Here's a link to her second book in the series:  




I have two photos today.  The first is of a mocking bird.  We don't see them here very often.  The second photo is of me in spandex sitting on my catrike with my cat.  Yes, my jersey says 'martini'.  The reason I'm scowling is that Linda is not holding the camera properly.  I think she needs to take my photography course at the Folk School.







weekly critter, July 27, 2018

July 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Yet another busy week.  I'm not sure where the time goes.  I did get to ride my new trike several times with the longest ride being 6 miles.  When I was to riding my bicycle I was used to vehicles just wanting to get by me as quick and as close as they could.  I was considered a nuisance.  Several people told me riding a trike was different but I didn't believe them because of my many thousands of miles on a bike.  Well, I was wrong.  Now I'm more of a curiosity.  Most people smile and wave and are very careful going around me.  Go figure.


I have two photos this week.  The first is a landscape taken at the John C Campbell Folk School which I converted to black&white.  Normally,  my B&W conversions are dark and moody.  This time I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try a 'high key' conversion.  What do you think?  I'm not sure I like it.  My second photo is of a five line skink doing what skinks do...eating bugs.  He's going to have a heck of meal with this roach.  If you look close there are parasites (I think) just behind his leg.  Maybe they're just bumps.




jccfs 2018 2219jccfs 2018 2219

skink 5-line_6755skink 5-line_6755


weekly critter, July 20, 2018

July 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a crazy busy week with doctor appointments, animal problems, errands and to much stuff to even think about.  However, on the bright side of the news Linda and I have been together since 1979 and today is our 33 wedding anniversary.  Wow, how time flies.  To celebrate we decided to take the day off and do as little as possible.  Linda is doing her needle point and I'm recovering from my tricycle ride.  I picked up the recumbent trike Wednesday evening.  It's a Catrike Villager in beautiful green.  I rode four miles on Thursday and five miles today.  My legs feel like jelly but that cold beer at the end of the ride makes everything all right.  Not my former 30+ mile bike rides but 'I'll be back'.


I have three photos for you today and guess what they are...my trike of course.  Spoiler alert,  next week you may be exposed to a photo of me wearing spandex on my trike.  If I remember (which means 'can I get it on')  I'll wear my 2004 MS 150 jersey.  Kevin/Morris do you remember that 150 kilometer ride?





catrike (2)catrike (2)

catrike (3)catrike (3)