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weekly critter, July 21, 2017

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Linda and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary yesterday.  How time flies when you're having fun.  We started the day in the tree house, our lowest deck which seems to be sitting in the trees, sipping coffee.  Later we went out to lunch then home to relax the rest of the day.  We need to do that more often.


I have three photos for you this week.  The first is of a thunder storm taken just outside the door of the photo studio at the John C Campbell Folk School.  I think this would make a good black and white photo.  Maybe next week.  The second photo is of a Rattlesnake Master.  The third photo is of the placard describing the plant, just in case you thought I was making the name  up.




jccfs-thunder storm-24731jccfs-thunder storm-24731


rattlesnake master-24605rattlesnake master-24605



weekly critter, July 14, 2017

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ATT finally got our internet up and running again.  It 'died' Wednesday night and started working again late Thursday evening.  I don't know how widespread the outage was but I couldn't get through to the repair dept.  It's amazing how much I use the internet for communicating with others.


Other than no internet and fighting with direct tv things have been pretty good around here.  We got to spend time with family visiting from Utah and Wednesday my brother and his wife invited us to come over and have elk burgers.  If you've never had an elk burger you're missing out on something delicious.  In fact, if I had a ready supply of ground elk I'd never make a ground beef burger again.


I have two photos this week.  The first is a bergamot flower.  The photo was taken at the UGA Georgia Mountain Research & Education Center near Blairsville.  My second photo of an old building was taken on the John C Campbell Folk School campus.  In color it is a rather dull photo but works well in black and white.  I really like all the lines directing my eyes through the photo.







weekly critter, July 7, 2017

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Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th.  We sure did.  Started the day sipping coffee and watching the Peachtree road race. Later we went out to the deck and watched the tubers and skiers.  When it got to hot we came  inside and watched a stage of the tour of france and ended the day watching the Capital Fourth. 


Yesterday I spent the day taking the RV to Augusta for a recall. What a way to spend the day.  Today, I had just gotten out of bed and was sipping some coffee when Linda came in to tell me that our water system was leaking. Boy was that an understatement.  The sediment filter had ruptured.  I turned the water off and proceeded to try and open the filter.  Guess what?  The PVC inlet and outlet lines broke.  Have I mentioned how much I like plumbing.   So, on to the main cutoff valve.  The broken line was still leaking which I attributed to water in the lines.  After a trip to Lowes and lunch the line was still leaking.  Ok, it  had to be the water heater siphoning.  Two hours later I stuck my finger on the leaking pipe and there was pressure.  It wasn't siphoning, the main cutoff valve had failed.  Have I mentioned how much I like plumbing.   So, off to the street to shut off the valve there.  The leak stopped and I repaired everything else...except the main cutoff valve.   I think I'll wait until tomorrow to tackle that.  By the way...Have I mentioned how much I like plumbing.


I have two photos taken at the John C Campbell Folk School during my class.  The first is of a day lily and the second is a bumble bee on a St John's wort (I think).





24815-day  lily24815-day lily


bumble bee-24799bumble bee-24799

weekly critter, June 22, 2017

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I had a wonderful time  last week teaching my photography class.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of people.  We visited Vogel State Park and the gardens at the Georgia Mountain Research & Education Center in Blairsville.  Both places are beautiful and made for two fun days.


Its done nothing but rain since I got home.  Now the grass at the observatory is going to grow and I'll have to cut it again.  At least with the dark and rainy mornings I can pull the covers up and go back to sleep.  Being retired is great.


I have photos of lily's for you today.  The first is a pineapple lily and the second is a calla lily.




pineapple lily_24884pineapple lily_24884

calla lily_24896calla lily_24896



weekly critter, June 10, 2017

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I know I'm late again but I spent Thursday and Friday at the observatory cutting grass and with Donnie's help installing two breaker panels and outlets for the RV's.  Woo-hoo, we have power.  We're getting close to having everything finished and hopefully can stop hemorrhaging money.  There ain't much left...money that is.


I'll be at the JCCFS teaching next week so there won't be a critter.  Looking forward to a fun week.


I have two photos this week.  The first is a two for one.  An unidentified mushroom with a fly on it.  Notice the two spikey looking things sticking up?   The second photo is of our new Grand Design Imagine RV in its new RV shelter.  Those new chairs in front of the RV are screaming for a new patio.  And so it goes.