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weekly critter, May 25, 2017

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Linda and I about worked ourselves to death last Friday filling in by hand over four hundred feet of trench at the observatory.  We should have spread it out over several days (or hired someone) but I had a solar outreach event on Saturday and the rain was supposed to start on Sunday.  The rain did start Saturday night and still hasn't stopped.  Saturday evening a neighbor called and said the observatory roof was partly open. Luckily he had a key and closed it for us.  So Sunday we had to run back out to the observatory and check it.  No rest for the weary.  Now I only need to hook up the electricity to the RV (without frying myself) and we'll be good to go.


I have two more bird photos for you today.  The cute couple are cardinals and their nest is in the front yard.   As of Sunday, the mocking bird eggs in the observatory warm room still hadn't hatched.


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weekly critter, May 18, 2017

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It's been another brutal week working at the observatory.  Not a cloud in the sky with temperatures in the low to mid 90's.  Monday, cutting grass.  Tuesday, cutting grass, cleaning up construction debris and having trenches dug for water and electric. Wednesday we laid the electric and water lines (over four hundred feet).  Friday, after pressure testing the water lines,  we have to fill in the trenches.  What fun.   I need a vacation.   I still don't know how I had time to do stuff like this when I worked for a living.


I have two downy woodpecker photos for you this week.  The first is of a male downy feeding a female downy.  He's trying to show her what a good mate he'll be.  The second is of the male strutting his stuff.  He's sitting on a very dead Dogwood tree.  Linda and I had been nursing that tree for over 25 years.  Last summers drought and excessive heat killed it.








weekly critter, May 11, 2017

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It's a beautiful but windy day here in Georgia.  Supposed to be in the 90's this afternoon.  I sure hope it doesn't make it.  It was 95 yesterday.  That's too hot for May. 


I spent Monday night at the observatory to try out my new camera.  This is not a DSLR but a camera designed for astronomical photos. I know it was almost a full moon but I had to try anyway.  It is after all a new toy.  I did get a couple of decent photos of the moon but my Jupiter photos  were terrible.  I didn't realize the seeing was so bad.  It was either that or I don't know what setting I need to use. I'll figure it out.


My first photo today is of  'the bird nest'.  I entered the warm room heading for the observing area when this bird about knocked me over.  Neither was expecting the other.  I looked around trying to locate the inevitable nest and couldn't find one.  Yea.  After taking the outreach equipment from the truck to the observatory I looked around the warm room again and located the nest in the coil of wires which run from the observatory to the warm room.  Good, now I can get rid of it and maybe she won't come back.  Wrong, it had four eggs in it.  They are mocking bird eggs and since I like mockingbirds I guess the warm room door won't be installed for a couple of weeks.  I'm going to be using the observatory next week so I guess she'll just have to get used to me.


The second photo is of an orchid.  I don't know what the name is or even where I took the photo.  If you can Identify it please let me know.







weekly critter, May 4, 2017

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It's another rainy day in Georgia.  I know we need the rain but it'll just makes the grass at the observatory grow.  A friend stopped by the observatory last week just prior to an outreach event, looked around and said "you have to much grass."  Don't I know it.  But he did help me cut the grass for which I was very thankful.


Linda said I misspelled the name of the 'little cmperor orchid' last week.  I showed her the tag that came with it and she said "you copied a misspelled name."  Oh well.  There is a 'little emperor orchid' so I guess that's the correct name.  Can't get away without having everything fact checked these days.  Actually, I appreciate people correcting something I've mislabeled.


I have two photos today.  The first is a black widow.  It and about ten others were living in my well cover.  Here I thought they were solitary critters.  Not that it's a big problem, I've sampled wells for decades and have found everything from a child hiding from his mother to a coral snake in well houses and covers.  The most common thing found were wasp nests.  The second photo is of an Iris.  I love photographing these flowers.




black widow_24440black widow_24440




weekly critter, April 27, 2017

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My web site now has over 16,000 hits.  Woo-hoo.   I'm supposed to be out working at the observatory today but it's about to pour so I decided to put it off till tomorrow.  If anyone wants something fun to do on Saturday, Sharon Shenanigans, the Sharon GA community fair will run from 10a to 4p.  If it's sunny we'll be there with our solar telescopes.


I have two photos today.  The first is of a rose-breasted grosbeak.  We have a pair hanging around but they won't stay long.  These are such beautiful birds.  The second photo is of a new orchid Linda found named Little Cmperor.  Who comes up with these names?





rose-breasted grosbeak_10226rose-breasted grosbeak_10226


little emperor_24432little emperor_24432