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weekly critter, February 20, 2018

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A friend of mine sent me this and it made me smile.  I couldn't resist passing it on:


Study of folks living longer than 90

Subjects who consumed about two glasses of alcohol, whether beer or wine, were 18 percent less likely to suffer from a premature death. In comparison, daily exercise of around 15 to 45 minutes only reduced the risk of premature death by 11 percent.

Moderate drinking, however, was not the only activity reported by The 90+ Study that had a positive impact on longevity.

The study also found that those who spent about two hours daily on a hobby lowered their risk of premature death by 21 percent. Meanwhile, subjects who drank two cups of coffee each day saw the risk fall by 10 percent.

In another surprising result, 90-year-olds who were a bit overweight, but not obese, reduced the chances of premature death by 3 percent.


    Have a couple of drinks a day of alcohol
    Drink coffee
    Exercise some
    Have a hobby.
    And a little chubby isn’t bad.  Pass that cheeseburger over here my friend.



I'm definitely living past 90 if this study is correct. 


The result from my question from the last critter about whether you like the color or black and white version was surprising.  Only one person said they liked the B&W version better than the color.  I expected just the opposite.  I guess I overdid the processing.


I have two photos of Linda's currently blooming amaryllis.   The first is named 'apple blossom'.  I don't know the name of the red one.





apple blossom_25024apple blossom_25024




weekly critter, February 9, 2018

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What a week.  If it wasn't one crazy thing happening it was another.  Like a leaking kitchen sink and a possessed toilet.  Plus, with all this rain I haven't been able to get out for any tractor therapy.  I did order a new toy (implement) for my tractor.  It's the only good thing that's happened this week.  I ordered a new landscape rake with gauge wheels.  Most people who know me will be on the floor laughing now because they know of my disdain for any product or activity which includes the word 'rake'.  Anyway, the normal price was about $680 but was on sale for $635.  I decided to go for it since I had an additional discount code.  When I entered the discount code the price dropped to $502 ...What the heck... I hit the buy button like I was on a game show and Monday I should have my new toy.  Of course, if next week goes like this week it will end up in Montana.


I have two versions of the same photograph for you today.   It was taken at the John C Campbell Folk School last June during one heck of a storm.  I tried to get a lightning shot but the wind kept blowing me and the camera over.  If you go to my website and look closely at the black and white version you can see streaks of rain drops.  Let me know which version you like better because I'm planning on printing and framing one for the Folk School's charity auction.




jccfs-thunder storm-24731jccfs-thunder storm-24731


jccfs-thunder storm-24731-bwjccfs-thunder storm-24731-bw

weekly critter, February 1, 2018

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We're into Febu-ugly.  Can spring be far away.  I hope not.  I went out to the observatory yesterday to move some more dirt (tractor therapy) but everything was still saturated.  I tried a little bit of earth moving but just made a mess and now the tractor needs some serious cleaning.  I hope y'all had a good view of the super-blue-blood moon.  We had low level clouds and some fog which started to disappear just as the moon dropped into the trees.  It was nice to see the event but not worth trying to photograph.  Maybe next time, which I think is in a couple of years.


I have three photographs for you today.  All three are of Linda's 'Maria Therese' orchid.  It's going to have seven or eight flowers which is amazing for such a small plant.  The first photo is of a bud that's just opening.  The second and third photos are of the same flower.  The only difference between them is the light source.  The first is a long exposure using natural light and the second is a short exposure using a lens mounted led ring flash.  The flower actually looks like the natural light photo.  When taking photos you always need to be aware of the light source.  I could have corrected this using photo editing software but didn't want to take the time.  When I viewed the photos on the camera I noticed the color change due to the flash so I decided to use natural light.  I was in a controlled area using a tripod and a remote shutter release so I didn't have to worry about a several second exposure.  I also always take RAW file format images so if they need to be color corrected I can do it.





Maria Therese_25011Maria Therese_25011

Maria Therese_25009Maria Therese_25009

Maria Therese_25008Maria Therese_25008

weekly critter, January 28, 2018

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It's been so long since I've used my observatory for celestial viewing I think I've forgotten how.  Actually,  I took a break while moving dirt last week to look at the sun.  Nothing was happening.  I think we're heading for a solar minimum.  Plus the seeing was so bad I'm surprised I found the sun (it's harder than you think).


While I'm talking about astronomy we're having a rare and beautiful celestial event occurring Wednesday morning.  We'll be able to view a super, blue, blood moon.  It's super because it's orbit will bring it very close to earth so it will appear large and bright.  It's blue because this will be the second full moon this month.  It's blood because there will be a total lunar eclipse which will make the moon edges appear red...Wow.  Go outside around 6:30a Wednesday morning and look at the western horizon.  Everything should  happen around 6:45a.  No, you don't need any special eye protection.


I have two photos for you today and of course they're of the moon.  The first photo shows a video composite I did trying to obtain more surface detail.  The dark crater near the top-right is Plato and the lighter one (lower-left)  in which you can see the central uplift is Copernicus.  The second photo is of a beautiful full moon.








weekly critter, January 19, 2018

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I don't think my heat pump has shut off in weeks.  Can't wait for the next electric bill...ouch.  We just had a typical snowstorm for this area.  About 2 inches of snow half of which melts when it hits the ground and refreezes into ice.  This Sunday it's supposed to be in the upper 60's and I wonder why my sinuses are so bad.  I want my spring.  ATT struck again.  This is the third time a connector at the top of the telephone pole has "come loose."  We lost phone service on Thursday and didn't get it back until Monday.  Originally, they said it wouldn't be fixed until Wednesday.  What service.


I have two photos today.  Remember the photo of the cute little kitten sitting on Linda's lap?   My first photo is of the 'no longer' little kitten.  The flower pot behind him is 12 inches tall.  He was an absolute riot playing in the snow.   I was sure he was going to slide off the deck.  The second photo is of a snow crystal.  I just couldn't resist.  It's been a couple of years since we've had snow.  Someday I'll be ready for it and have an outside studio set up so I can photograph snowflakes.





snow crystal_24994snow crystal_24994