weekly critter, May 31, 2018

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I can't believe I haven't taken a photograph in over a week.  I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms.   Linda and I tried to go out to lunch today.  Talk about striking out.  The first restaurant which Linda wanted to go to was Italian.  It wasn't open,  the second was a new Mexican.  They didn't have a beer license yet.  On to a Chinese restaurant we've been going to for years.  There were new owners and we had been warned not to go back.  Should have listened.  I've been MSG'ed.  Dry mouth, headache, bloated and feel like an elephant did a cha-cha on my stomach.


I was looking at some old photos and decided that since it's been raining for quite a while that I would post a photo of the sun in case anyone has forgotten what it looks like.  Along the same line Jupiter and Mars should be spectacular this summer.  Lest hope we can actually see them some time.









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