weekly critter, May 3, 2018

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I can't believe it's May already and where did spring go?  The temperature is supposed to be in the upper 80's today.  Yuck.  I much prefer the 70's.  I've named our property at the Deerlick Astronomy Village after the constellation Cepheus.   Cepheus was the ancient Greek name for the constellation of the Ethiopian King who married Cassiopeia and had a baby they named Andromeda.  I thought is was appropriate since I was born in Ethiopia.  So much for today's mythology lecture. 


I have three photos taken yesterday at Cepheus looking out over the property.   I really like all the wild flowers which are blooming and I won't cut these two acres until after they've finished blooming.  Right now the most prominent flowers are yellow but they're a lot of red, blue, white and purple flowers which don't show very well in these photos.  The pond is just the other side of the small pine trees in the second photo.










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