Weekly Critter, April 18, 2018

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Just not sure about the weather.  It was 36 degrees yesterday morning.  It's mid April and I'm supposed to be wearing shorts.  I'm heading out to the observatory on Friday to rip out the garbage lowes sold me for the walls in the warm room.  I was going to try and live with it but with the changes in humidity the garbage walls started to buckle and warp.  I'm way to OCD to put up with that.  Once new walls are put up I can paint and put down carpet.  I should have had the warm room finished six months ago.  Now I guess it'll be a cool room until next winter. 


I have two photos of a Japanese maple today.  We were on the deck puttering around when Linda said I needed to look at the maple.  The overhead sun shining directly on some of the leaves turned them a bright orange where other leaves were a deep red.  I thought it made an interesting photo.  The second photo has a bee and a wasp on the maple's flowers.





japanese maple_25107japanese maple_25107

japanese maple_25108japanese maple_25108


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