weekly critter, March 30, 2018

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I finally received all the paperwork I needed to finish my taxes and they're now done and ready to file.  Since Linda is over 65 and I'm slightly under we had no state tax to pay.  Yea. 


I spent a couple of days at the observatory, not observing but as usual working on the drainage problems.  Hopefully, the grass along the road will grow quickly and will take care of one problem.    It's been hard to do any grading because of all the rain which turns the Georgia red clay into muck that wants to suck the tractor in up to the axle.  I haven't been stuck yet but very close.


I have two photos of wildflowers for you today.  Both were taken at the observatory.  Last year I had over an acre covered with wildflowers and I hope they bloom again this year.  Not just because they're beautiful but that's an acre I don't have to mow until the flowers die.  The first photo is of a small dandelion.  I know most people don't like dandelions but I do.  The second photo is of a bluet.  A tiny but pretty flower that's less than 1/4 inch across.  I know these aren't the sharpest photos but the wind was blowing like crazy.









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