weekly critter, February 9, 2018

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What a week.  If it wasn't one crazy thing happening it was another.  Like a leaking kitchen sink and a possessed toilet.  Plus, with all this rain I haven't been able to get out for any tractor therapy.  I did order a new toy (implement) for my tractor.  It's the only good thing that's happened this week.  I ordered a new landscape rake with gauge wheels.  Most people who know me will be on the floor laughing now because they know of my disdain for any product or activity which includes the word 'rake'.  Anyway, the normal price was about $680 but was on sale for $635.  I decided to go for it since I had an additional discount code.  When I entered the discount code the price dropped to $502 ...What the heck... I hit the buy button like I was on a game show and Monday I should have my new toy.  Of course, if next week goes like this week it will end up in Montana.


I have two versions of the same photograph for you today.   It was taken at the John C Campbell Folk School last June during one heck of a storm.  I tried to get a lightning shot but the wind kept blowing me and the camera over.  If you go to my website and look closely at the black and white version you can see streaks of rain drops.  Let me know which version you like better because I'm planning on printing and framing one for the Folk School's charity auction.




jccfs-thunder storm-24731jccfs-thunder storm-24731


jccfs-thunder storm-24731-bwjccfs-thunder storm-24731-bw


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