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A friend of mine sent me this and it made me smile.  I couldn't resist passing it on:


Study of folks living longer than 90

Subjects who consumed about two glasses of alcohol, whether beer or wine, were 18 percent less likely to suffer from a premature death. In comparison, daily exercise of around 15 to 45 minutes only reduced the risk of premature death by 11 percent.

Moderate drinking, however, was not the only activity reported by The 90+ Study that had a positive impact on longevity.

The study also found that those who spent about two hours daily on a hobby lowered their risk of premature death by 21 percent. Meanwhile, subjects who drank two cups of coffee each day saw the risk fall by 10 percent.

In another surprising result, 90-year-olds who were a bit overweight, but not obese, reduced the chances of premature death by 3 percent.


    Have a couple of drinks a day of alcohol
    Drink coffee
    Exercise some
    Have a hobby.
    And a little chubby isn’t bad.  Pass that cheeseburger over here my friend.



I'm definitely living past 90 if this study is correct. 


The result from my question from the last critter about whether you like the color or black and white version was surprising.  Only one person said they liked the B&W version better than the color.  I expected just the opposite.  I guess I overdid the processing.


I have two photos of Linda's currently blooming amaryllis.   The first is named 'apple blossom'.  I don't know the name of the red one.





apple blossom_25024apple blossom_25024





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