weekly critter, January 28, 2018

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It's been so long since I've used my observatory for celestial viewing I think I've forgotten how.  Actually,  I took a break while moving dirt last week to look at the sun.  Nothing was happening.  I think we're heading for a solar minimum.  Plus the seeing was so bad I'm surprised I found the sun (it's harder than you think).


While I'm talking about astronomy we're having a rare and beautiful celestial event occurring Wednesday morning.  We'll be able to view a super, blue, blood moon.  It's super because it's orbit will bring it very close to earth so it will appear large and bright.  It's blue because this will be the second full moon this month.  It's blood because there will be a total lunar eclipse which will make the moon edges appear red...Wow.  Go outside around 6:30a Wednesday morning and look at the western horizon.  Everything should  happen around 6:45a.  No, you don't need any special eye protection.


I have two photos for you today and of course they're of the moon.  The first photo shows a video composite I did trying to obtain more surface detail.  The dark crater near the top-right is Plato and the lighter one (lower-left)  in which you can see the central uplift is Copernicus.  The second photo is of a beautiful full moon.









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