weekly critter, September 21, 2017

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We're just about back to normal around here.  There's still small stuff to clean up but that's on the back burner.  I guess we would be completely back to normal except for the kitten.  What a handful.  He's either moving at ninety per hour or sleeping.  I want some of that energy.  I think we misnamed him.  He should have been named stinky instead of stash.  That cat can even run the dog out of the room.  Hope he outgrows it.


Linda and I went up to Athens yesterday to walk around the State Botanical Garden and have lunch.  It was nice to get away for a while.  The garden did get hammered by Irma but I was able to find a few nice flowers to photograph.  The first photo is of a swamp hibiscus and an accompanying bug.  The second photo is of a surprise lily, one of many names.  It is also called a 'naked lady' because it flowers then the leaves grows around the bloom.  Y'all know I can't pass up photographing a naked lady.




swamp hibiscus_24946swamp hibiscus_24946


surprise lily_24940surprise lily_24940



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