weekly critter, September 15, 2017

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What a week.  We lost power, water and cell service Monday morning well before Irma really hit.  We finally had power restored late yesterday.  Living without electricity wasn't a big hassle but not having water stinks, literally.   Fortunately, we had a good supply of drinking water and could use the hot tub water for the toilet but I'm in my mid 60's and refuse to take a cold shower (as if I needed one).  If we didn't have power back by today I  was going to soap up and go jump in the lake.  This morning it was so nice to take a long hot shower.  Other damage was minimal except for all the ruined food.  In the past when we've had an extended power outage it's always been in the winter so thawing food wasn't an issue.  Since I'm getting old and like my creature comforts I may just have to buy a generator.  It's only money...right.


I have two photos for you today, both taken several months ago.  The first is of a bumble bee and the second is a rhododendron.








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