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It's been a couple of busy weeks.  It seems like every school and library within 75 miles has waited until now to request an eclipse outreach program on August 21st.   Not that we could/would have presented a program since most everyone is heading for the path of totality.  If you've not seen a total eclipse it's something rare and beautiful.  We won't have another eclipse like this (one that passes across the entire US from west to east) for several hundred years. 


If you're going to watch the eclipse buy some solar glasses.  Lowes carries them for a couple of dollars.  Do not use welders glass unless it's at least shade 14.  Don't use sun glasses, cd's, mylar bags or smoked glass.  If you use anything except solar glasses you will not feel the damage the sun is doing to your eyes and may end up blind.  If you are not in the path of totality you must wear the solar glasses during the entire eclipse.  If you're in the path of totality you can remove the glasses during the 2+ minutes of totality and see things like the diamond ring and bailey's beads.


OK. I'm off my soap box.  Enjoy the eclipse.


I have two photos for you today.  The first, of course, is of the sun.  There's not much going on the surface of the sun but it's still fun to look at.  We've been at a solar minimum for months now.  There were some beautiful prominences (plasma following lines of magnetic flux) which look like flares coming off the suns surface but my new camera refuses to photograph them.  I'll figure it out.  The second photo is part of Trahlyta falls, the waterfall at Vogel state park.







trahlyta falls-24681trahlyta falls-24681


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