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I've finally finished my last eclipse outreach this morning and hopefully have answered the last few 'fake solar glasses' questions.  I'm so angry with amazon and the media induced hysteria I could scream.  And the Georgia (and elsewhere)  school districts that are not letting their students outside to view this historical eclipse...because their scared they might be sued.  But it's OK to let them play football (yes, I enjoy football).  What morons.  We won't have another eclipse like this for 375 years.  


If y'all purchased/received solar glasses and are unsure if you can use them you need to put them on in the house and look at a bright light.  It should be totally black.  If you see the light destroy the glasses.  Then take them outside and look at the sun.  You should see a yellow/orange sun and have no discomfort, such as looking at the sun with sunglasses causes.  There have been a few fake solar glasses distributed by a chinese company through ebay and amazon.  You can see a bright light through them inside the house.  If you wear glasses (or contacts) put your glasses on then the solar glasses.  That is, your glasses are between your face and the solar glasses.  Do not use the solar glasses to look through binoculars or a telescope.  They are not made for that and you will be blinded.


OK, I'm off the soap box...again.


I have two photos this week.  Since were having a miserable heat wave (108 deg heat index on Wednesday when I mowed 4 acres of grass and 114 deg heat index on Thursday while trying to finish what I couldn't on Wednesday) I thought I'd show something cool.  The first photo is of the lake at Vogel State Park.  A beautiful cold mountain lake.  The second photo is of a waterfall in Tennessee.  The pool about half way down looks so inviting.





vogel state park-24701-2vogel state park-24701-2

bald river falls_21080-2017-08-18bald river falls_21080-2017-08-18


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