weekly critter, July 7, 2017

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Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th.  We sure did.  Started the day sipping coffee and watching the Peachtree road race. Later we went out to the deck and watched the tubers and skiers.  When it got to hot we came  inside and watched a stage of the tour of france and ended the day watching the Capital Fourth. 


Yesterday I spent the day taking the RV to Augusta for a recall. What a way to spend the day.  Today, I had just gotten out of bed and was sipping some coffee when Linda came in to tell me that our water system was leaking. Boy was that an understatement.  The sediment filter had ruptured.  I turned the water off and proceeded to try and open the filter.  Guess what?  The PVC inlet and outlet lines broke.  Have I mentioned how much I like plumbing.   So, on to the main cutoff valve.  The broken line was still leaking which I attributed to water in the lines.  After a trip to Lowes and lunch the line was still leaking.  Ok, it  had to be the water heater siphoning.  Two hours later I stuck my finger on the leaking pipe and there was pressure.  It wasn't siphoning, the main cutoff valve had failed.  Have I mentioned how much I like plumbing.   So, off to the street to shut off the valve there.  The leak stopped and I repaired everything else...except the main cutoff valve.   I think I'll wait until tomorrow to tackle that.  By the way...Have I mentioned how much I like plumbing.


I have two photos taken at the John C Campbell Folk School during my class.  The first is of a day lily and the second is a bumble bee on a St John's wort (I think).





24815-day  lily24815-day lily


bumble bee-24799bumble bee-24799


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