weekly critter, June 1, 2017

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It's been kind of a busy week.  I'm not sure what I've gotten done, besides recovering from filling 400 feet of trench, but I've been busy.  I was hoping to have some mocking bird chick pictures this week but I forgot to take my camera to the observatory.  That's like forgetting my head (which I've probably done a few times). 


I have two photos this week of an armyworm moth.  If I've misidentified it please let me know.  It's hard to see but in the first photo his abdomen comes out and points up, relative to the rest of him.   I would have taken a side photo but it started pouring down rain.  The second photo which is a closeup of his head is actually a focus stack of five photos.  At this magnification the depth of field is less than a millimeter.  So to get an in focus image I needed to change the focus point five times and combine the images. 


There are still a couple of spots open in my photography class at the John C Campbell Folk School.  It's going to be a fun week.  If you're not interested in photography they offer around 50 other categories of classes ranging from blacksmithing to storytelling.    https://folkschool.org. 





armyworm moth_24512armyworm moth_24512

armyworm motharmyworm moth


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