weekly critter, May 4, 2017

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It's another rainy day in Georgia.  I know we need the rain but it'll just makes the grass at the observatory grow.  A friend stopped by the observatory last week just prior to an outreach event, looked around and said "you have to much grass."  Don't I know it.  But he did help me cut the grass for which I was very thankful.


Linda said I misspelled the name of the 'little cmperor orchid' last week.  I showed her the tag that came with it and she said "you copied a misspelled name."  Oh well.  There is a 'little emperor orchid' so I guess that's the correct name.  Can't get away without having everything fact checked these days.  Actually, I appreciate people correcting something I've mislabeled.


I have two photos today.  The first is a black widow.  It and about ten others were living in my well cover.  Here I thought they were solitary critters.  Not that it's a big problem, I've sampled wells for decades and have found everything from a child hiding from his mother to a coral snake in well houses and covers.  The most common thing found were wasp nests.  The second photo is of an Iris.  I love photographing these flowers.




black widow_24440black widow_24440





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