weekly critter, April 7, 2017

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It's that time again.  I would have had the critter out yesterday but a micro burst hit during the wind storm yesterday and half of a huge tree went down, took a few other trees and damaged the seawall.  What fun.  Now I have to take down the other half of the tree that fell,  the damaged trees, another tree that's half dead and a third that's dead.  Oh well, nothing but money.


I was planning to have some solar photographs to share this week but the seeing and transparency were so bad that all my photos looked like out of focus mud.  I haven't processed all of them yet, it takes about an hour to process one 30 second video into a photograph, so maybe there sill a good one in there someplace.


I have two photographs this week.  The first is a very orange carolina wren and the second is a chipping sparrow.


There are still a couple of spaces left in the photography class that I'm teaching at the John C Campbell Folk School from June 11 through 17.  I know it's a shameless plug but if you haven't checked out the folk school website you need to.  It's camp for adults, good food and loads of fun.   https://www.folkschool.org/





carolina wren_24205carolina wren_24205 chipping sparrow_24243chipping sparrow_24243


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