weekly critter, April 23, 2017

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It's been a busy week.  Linda is finally feeling better and getting back to normal.  I spent Thursday and Friday working on the observatory and Saturday we spent all day at Madison fest doing solar astronomy outreach.  Today I'm not moving from the comfort of my chair and Linda has taken over the couch.  We're going to act like the cat and do nothing all day except relax.


I have three photos for you today.  Sorry Sue but two of them are astronomy related.  I've had several people ask what the faint fuzzies in deep space really look like through the telescope.  So, the first one is of the Sombrero galaxy.  It's the fuzzy thing in the upper middle of the picture.  Impressive, huh. I'm not sure why star trails are showing up on some of the stars.  It should be all or none.   The second photo is of (starting at the bottom) the moon, venus and mars.  The third photo is of a carolina chickadee.








carolina chickadee_24267carolina chickadee_24267




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