weekly critter, April 13,2017

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It's a beautiful spring day here in Georgia.  Warm weather, the trees are greening up the flowers are blooming and everything is a nice shade of yellow/green from all the pollen.


No, I haven't finished the warm room yet.  Linda hasn't been feeling good and I wanted a few days off.  I'll be back at the grind this afternoon.  It's almost like having a job.  The economy must be doing great.  We finally got a landscape/hauling guy out to give us a bid for some grading work.  He wanted $8,000.00. Ouch. 


I have three photos for you today.  The first is of our 'first of the season' ruby throated hummingbird.  I don't usually like 'bird on feeder' photos  but I wasn't set up to photograph him on a flower.  The second photo is of a green anole strutting his stuff and trying to impress the females.  The third photo is of Messier 42, the Orion nebula.  This is a stack of 11 photos.  They were taken at ISO 800 and are from 5 to 30 second long exposures.  I tried stacking the photos in deepsky stacker but could not get the software to work properly.  I ended up doing it by hand in photoshop.











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