weekly critter, March 9, 2017

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Well surprise surprise, the weekly critter is alive (mostly) and intent on being a little more consistent in the future.  Frankly, I've had some serious health issues, went several months taking very few photographs and didn’t want to just show old stuff.  Now it's time to start enjoying the outdoors again.  I love this non-winter we've been having.

I have three photos for you today, The first is of a red headed woodpecker.  We have a pair that has been hanging around for several months.  Unfortunately, they are very shy and never come close to the house.  The second is a camellia from a bush Linda has growing in the yard and the third is one of her orchids called Maria Theresa .




red headed 24054red headed 24054

camellia 24085camellia 24085

Maria Therese 24103Maria Therese 24103



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