weekly critter, March 18,2017

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I've been building a warm room on to my observatory and have had a friend helping me (more like I'm helping him) the last two days.  Almost seems like I have a job again.  Start work at 8a and get back home at 6p.  After a day like that Linda feeds me dinner then I go to bed.  But next month I'll have a warm or cool place to go and control the telescopes by computer if I'm planning on imaging.  The room should have been finished weeks ago but like any building project there are always problems.  I'm building the room under where the observatory roof rolls off.  While I was on the ladder I decide to check the beams onto which the roof rolls.  Guess what?  One of the pressure treated beams was very rotten.   The beam was made of 4 two by six boards.  Three of the four boards broke apart when I hit it with a hammer.  Talk about a disaster waiting to happen.

I have two photos this week.  The first is a pair of bluebirds checking out some new digs.  I hope they decide to nest there again.  The second photo is of one of my favorite birds.  A carolina wren checking out one of Linda's flower pots.  The wrens are already building nests.





carolina wren_24278carolina wren_24278


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