weekly critter, November 4, 2017

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I've been giving the tractor a workout or I should say it's been giving me one.  I should have bought one 30 years ago.  One of my friends commented "With a tractor that big you need to buy more land.  How big a garden are you going plant for Linda?"  To the first comment I answer NO (preceding adjectives deleted).  To the question about the garden I responded that I did look at a pto rototiller for the tractor and it can be mine for only $2600.00.  Ouch.  Seems like a lot of money just to feed the deer. 


I would like to put in a garden but 'sequences' will probably render it impractical if not impossible.  The 'sequences' would include (in part) having Linda pick a spot for the garden which will certainly not be where I would want it.  Then I need a plow to break up the red clay, a rototiller to till the soil, a landscape rake to get all the rocks and stuff out, a load or ten of good dirt, a loader to spread the dirt, till again,  a box blade to flatten everything,  a post hole digger to put up the fence, an excavator to run the power and water and finally something to spread fertilizer.  I almost forgot, a new rifle to shoot the damn deer which I then have to process starting entirely new sequences.  Sequences are fully explained in Pat McManus's book The night the bear ate goombaw.   I dare you to read any of his books and not laugh.


I have two photos today.  The first is of a dead tree which was in the perfect spot to be lit up by the sun with the dark forest behind it.  The second photo I just like.  Can you spot the person in the photo.







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