weekly critter, September 16, 2016

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One of these days I'll get to use my observatory again.  We've finally had some clear weather this week but the AC in the RV died.  Since I've become very used to my creature comforts I can either not go or wait until 1a or 2a (when it's finally cooled below 90 deg) to head out there.  Since I don't really like to drive at night anymore I just haven't been.  Well, why don't you just get the AC fixed, you ask.  I've been scheduled.  The soonest I could get an 'appointment' is the 27th.   The RV business must be good.


I have two photos for you today both of which are 'Linda plants'.  The first is a pineapple.  It's pretty small now but maybe someday it'll be big...naw.   The second is another orchid.  This one is called Windward Flare.  After spending about an hour photographing it I figured out where 'windward' came from.  You definitely want to stay up wind of this flower.


I just heard that a good friend from my graduate school days had a stroke.  Any healing thoughts would be appreciated.





windward flare_24005windward flare_24005



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