weekly critter, August 4, 2016

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We finally had some rain in the area.  Of course it had to come while I was at the observatory trying to mow the grass before the lawn police sent me a nasty-gram.  I finished most of it Tuesday evening before the rain got too heavy and the lightning started.   I finished up Wednesday morning in a cloud and light rain but no lightning.  Grass...what fun.


I wanted to remind everyone that the perseides meteor shower is going on now and will peak on the night of August 11/12th.  This year is supposed to be spectacular.  So, before bedtime go outside and look to the northeast.  You should see some beautiful shooting stars. The perseid meteor shower is a result of the earth moving through the trail of dust and debris left by Comet Swift-Tuttle.  This dust is about the size of a grain of sand hits Earth’s atmosphere and burns up creating streaks of light called shooting stars.


I have two photos for you this week.  Since everyone liked the black and white warbler from last week I have another photo of him on the tree by the deck.  If you look close you can see a bug in his beak.  Umm, lunch.  With as many bugs as these guys and the wrens eat I'm surprised I continue to get chewed on every time I go outside. Keeping with the black and white bird theme my second photo is of a white breasted nuthatch.  He also has lunch but at least it's a sunflower seed.





black and white warbler_23955black and white warbler_23955

white-breasted nuthatch_23967white-breasted nuthatch_23967


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