weekly critter, August 19, 2016

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Linda and I got together with some friends last Friday at the observatory to watch the meteor shower.  It wasn't much of a show, to many clouds.  We went to sleep about midnight and got back up at 2:30a when it was supposed to be clear.  The seeing was better but not great.  We finally gave up after 4a. We didn't see many meteors but still had a good time.  I didn't even try to take any meteor photos.  It just wasn't worth the effort.  Not much else going on around here except for what seems like the obligatory doctor's visit. 


I have two photos today.  The first is a female eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly.  This photo was taken using my telephoto lens from about 18 feet away.  The quality isn't as good as what I would have achieved using a macro lens at a foot or two away but I think it's acceptable.  The second is a  golden silk orbweaver.  These spiders are huge.  Her body is over an inch long.  The out of focus spider is the much smaller male.   I think he's destined to be dinner.






eastern tiger swallowtail femal_23958eastern tiger swallowtail femal_23958


golden silk orbweaver_21024golden silk orbweaver_21024


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