weekly critter, August 11, 2016

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Linda and I drove to Florence SC this past weekend to meet up with her sister Laurie and her family.  We had a vehicle we weren't using and decided to give it to our niece Freshta to help her 'go to college'.  As you can imagine, she was very pleased with her first set of wheels.  I think the thing she was most excited about was that the xterra is 4 wheel drive.  Hum, we'll see.  If it isn't enough that Freshta is gorgeous she now has a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Her father is going to need a bigger stick to keep all the guys at bay.  To add to her weekend, when she got home on Sunday she had a letter from the college she attends.  She made the dean's list.  Congratulations Freshta.


I wanted to remind everyone to go outside the next several nights and look to the northeast for the Perseid meteor shower.  It should be spectacular.


I have two photos for you today of red bellied woodpeckers.  In the first photo mom is on the left and in the second on the right.




red belied woodpecker_23921red belied woodpecker_23921


red bellied woodpecker_23977red bellied woodpecker_23977


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