weekly critter, July 28, 2016

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I finally decided it was time to stop procrastinating, pick up my camera and get another critter out.  I've actually spent several nights at the observatory hoping to get some nice milky way photos but the seeing and transparency never seemed to cooperate.  It was like trying to photograph through soup.  I guess I shouldn't expect much else in July.  We've been making a lot of improvements at the observatory so July is going to be another five figure month.  But we now have a septic system, gravel driveway, parking area and lawn tractor.  Oh-boy.  Next on the list is a well, shed and RV cover.


I have two photos for you today.  The first is a 'mud dauber vs spider'.  At least I think it's a mud dauber.  The spider won which is unusual.  Mud daubers collect other 'bugs' including spiders to put in their nest for their young.  I think the spider is a small orb weaver about 1 cm long.  The wasp is about 4 cm long. 


The second photo is of a black and white warbler.  This photo was taken through a sliding glass door so it's not the highest quality.  He had bumped the door and was sitting on the plant trying to figure out what mac-truck had run over him.  He sat there a few minutes then took off so I'm sure he's OK.




spider and wasp_23870spider and wasp_23870


black and white warbler_23859black and white warbler_23859


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