weekly critter, June 30, 2016

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Another week another critter and we're coming up on a holiday.    July 4th is one of Linda and my favorite holidays.  Lots of people on the lake having fun, flags, fireworks, food and a few adult beverages to celebrate this great country of ours.  WOW.


I have three photos today.  As promised, the first is of a carolina wren chick.  They will have fledged by the 4th.  Freedom birds.  The second photo is a pineapple lily.  The flower on this one is only about three inches but Linda has one growing with a flower that's over 12 inches.  I can't wait till that one pops.  The third is a bad photo of a bad deer.  The reason it's bad is because the damn thing walked up on our lower deck to munch on Linda's plants.  I was on the upper deck less than 10 feet away which was to close for the camera to focus.  I stood up and hollered at it and it just looked at me and continued munching.  I walked down to the lower deck hollering and clapping and got to within a few feet before it slowly walked away.   Hum, when's hunting season?


Everyone have a fun and safe holiday.








carolina wren chicks_23811carolina wren chicks_23811


pineapple lily_23824pineapple lily_23824




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