weekly critter, June 16, 2016

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Well, it's about time I got around to posting another critter.  I was going to do it earlier in the week but a contractor cut an underground 500 paired wire telephone cable.  That's a big cable.   Interesting thing is that this neighborhood is not supposed to have any buried cables.  Kind of makes you wonder.


I was hoping to have three Carolina wren photos for you this week, a nest with eggs, mama sitting on the eggs and finally the chicks.  I have the first two but the eggs haven't hatched yet.  Unfortunately, they're at about their limit for being viable.  We'll see.  The third photo is of a mushroom that popped up in a potted plant. 


No. I haven't been getting out much lately except to go to doctors.  Seems like each time I go the news get worse.  Maybe there's something to "ignorance is bliss."




carolina wren eggs_23751-6-16-2016carolina wren eggs_23751-6-16-2016

carolina wren_23756-6-16-2016carolina wren_23756-6-16-2016




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