weekly critter, May 26, 2016

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This is the second week I've managed to get the critter out on time.  I must be getting better; although, my leg still hurts and is black and blue.  


The observatory is coming along.  I have mounts attached to both piers.  One for solar viewing and the other for celestial viewing.   I spent Monday night at the observatory planning on viewing and photographing Mars and Saturn.  If you haven't looked at them grab your binoculars and head outside after 11p and take a look.  They're gorgeous.   However, like all well laid plans, this one went to $@^#.  My atlas mount, which has (almost) never let me down, didn't work properly.  I told it to look up and west and it decided it liked down and east better.  Yes Brian,  I can hear you laughing all the way out here.  Turns out that when I reset the hand controller to the factory settings, as per the manufacture's directions for a 'park' issue,  that the software was flashed to a version not compatible with the atlas mount.  WTH.   Not a big deal once I figured out what was wrong (about 3a laying in bed wide awake and angry)  but what I needed to re-flash the unit was at home. 


At least I got out and did something.  I've been going stir crazy not being able to do much of anything but I did pay the price on Tuesday. 


I have two photos for you today.  The first is one I took last year at a solar outreach event.  The people at the Astronomical Society of The Pacific saw it and called to ask me if they could use my photo in their annual report.  Of course I said yes.  Last month they sent me a copy of their annual report and there was my photo on the front cover. Woohoo.  The second photo is of a red day lily which popped up in the yard.





ast soc pacific ar cover photoast soc pacific ar cover photo

red day lily_23746red day lily_23746


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