weekly critter, March 30, 2016

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I decided to get the critter out a bit early this week since I missed last week.  Linda and I have had a lot of 'stuff' going on so we decided to cogitate a bit and went to the John C Campbell Folk School for the week.  I took a Scandinavian flat plane caricature carving class by Harley Refsal.  Talk about fun.  I have drawers full of carving tools and in this class I used just one knife.  Yes, I ended up bleeding at one point but not because of the knife.  I was holding the 'schoolmarm' carving and her book cut the %$#@ out of me.  I quickly rounded all the edges.  Wood can cut you!


Linda took a white line printing class which involved carving, embossing, painting and printing.  I'm not quite sure what all she really did but she had a good time.   We also got to see old friends and make some new ones, which was nice.

Also, in the news I'm now a bonafide nerd.  Friday, a week ago I bought an observatory.  And you thought I was sane.  It's a roll-off-roof design rather than a dome (which is a good thing), has two telescope piers and a fancy control system if I want to do automated astrophotography from home.  It has enough cables running through it that I'll probably never figure out what all they control.  Behind the black pier there are probably 25 cables coming through the floor.  Even with nothing hooked up the control system talks to me whenever I open the door or move the roof.  That's got to stop.  The telescope on the tripod will be mounted to one of the piers and my H-alpha telescope (for the sun) will be mounted to the other pier.  What you can't see below each pier is a 12 inch diameter concrete pier tied into a cubic yard (or more) concrete monolith.  Vibration should not be a problem.  Each pier is isolated from the rest of the building.

As to photos this week the first is one of the caricature's I carved and the next two are of my observatory.  The roof is off the observatory in the second photo and can roll back over the building when not in use.  Pretty cool.




flat plane carving_23721-3-30-2016flat plane carving_23721-3-30-2016


DAV observatory_23708-3-30-2016DAV observatory_23708-3-30-2016

DAV observatory_23715-3-30-2016DAV observatory_23715-3-30-2016


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