weekly critter, March 11, 2016

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Looks like spring is here but I haven't been able to really enjoy it yet.  I've been fighting migraines, taxes and doctors all week.  Think there's a connection? 

Jupiter was at opposition on Tuesday night and I was all set up to take some photos.  The problem was that it was in the trees most of the night.  Hopefully, by next week I'll have that problem taken care of.  So, I got my lawn chair and binoculars and spent several hours looking at Jupiter, orion, the orion nebula, various constellations and a variety of other faint fuzzies.  The advantage of binoculars is that I can move to where the trees don't block all of my view.  It really was a beautiful night.  Clear, cool and no bugs.  I almost fell asleep just sitting there enjoying the night sky. 


Hope y'all aren't getting tired of birds.  I took these photos several weeks ago hoping one of the local red tail hawks would show up.  I know when one is around because all the song birds disappear.  The first is a pine siskin and the second is a cardinal.




pine siskin_23714pine siskin_23714



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