weekly critter, October 13, 2016

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Not a lot going on around here.  I still don't have my RV back.  I waited over two weeks for my 'appointment' and took it to CSRA Camperland to have the AC repaired.  After over a week I called them only to find out they hadn't even looked at it and didn't know when they would.  I drove to Augusta the next morning hooked it up and took it to Augusta RV, just up the road. They immediately checked it out and told me what I already knew.  The compressor had seized and I needed a new AC.  Oh well, nothing but money.  It should be ready by Friday.   We are planning on upgrading our RV and one travel trailer at CSRA had made the 'top three' list.  Now I get to call the salesman and tell him he lost a $40,000 sale because of his repair facility.


I have two photos today.  The first is of a spider that's been living on the side of my truck for weeks.  Including at least one trip to Augusta (about 90 miles).  I'm not sure what kind of spider it is.  It could be a crab or orbweaver.  Nothing in any of my guides exactly matches.  The second is of a honey bee.  And no, they have not been put on the endangered species list.






honey bee_16658honey bee_16658


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