weekly critter, January 7, 2016

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I think I'm finally thawing out.  I spent early Wednesday morning (4a to 6:30a) finishing up observing the last few double stars to complete the Astronomical League's Double Star Program.  Damn, it was cold.  I need to move somewhere it never goes below 70 degrees.  In other astronomy news, I'm now a NASA Solar System Ambassador (SSA).   As a SSA I represent NASA as a volunteer when doing mission and astronomy outreach programs.

I have two photos for you today.  Actually, both photos are for my dear friend Jelene since she likes my bird and flower photos.  Tomorrow she leaves the world of the gainfully employed and enters the wonderful world of being retired.  Congratulations Jelene.  The first photo is of a carolina chickadee and the second is of a lady slipper orchid.




carolina chickadee_23350carolina chickadee_23350

lady slipper orchid_23383lady slipper orchid_23383


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