weekly critter, December 17, 2015

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We're having a nice rainy day.  The perfect weather for the critter.  I'm supposed to be doing an astronomy outreach event this evening but I don't think it's going to happen. 

I did spend several hours out and about with my camera yesterday during our mid 70's perfect day.   I was on the deck waiting for the red headed woodpecker which has been hanging around to show up for his portrait when I saw Lily, our siamese cat, down by the seawall.  I had been hearing some rustling over in the right side of the yard and figured it was her or a squirrel in the leaves.  The cat started up the walkway toward the house and about half way up she heard the rustling, got into a cat crouch and slunk off to investigate.   A minute later here comes this cat up the hill and back stairs at about 100 miles per hour.  If I hadn't been there I think she would have slammed into the door.  As it was she tried to claw her way onto my lap, under the camera and tripod.  OK, now she had my attention.  After I carefully pried her off of me and let her into the house I turned the camera and started to investigate.  It took me a while but I finally spied a great blue heron working the seawall.  I guess she'd never seen a bird that big before.  What a hoot.

I have three photos for you today, and in honor of my scaredy cat they're all birds.  The first is a head shot of the heron which is about all I saw of him.  The second is a bluebird which we don't often see in winter and the last is the red headed woodpecker which finally showed up way over in the neighbor's yard.



great blue heron_23355great blue heron_23355



red headed_23316red headed_23316


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